Sunday, 21 October 2012

All Hallows Eve

Look out there, do you see that sight?
It's truly spooky, hanging around in the night
I can't make out, quite what it is
All I can see, is an eye in the trees

What creature owns, an eye like that?
Could it be dog, or cat, or bat?
Or someone dressed up, ready to pounce
I really don't like it, not one ounce

I need to go past, that spot out there
There's no other way, I don't know where
To go to avoid, that eye and its face
Should I go slow, or should I race?

On All Hallows Eve, everything will scare
But we're told not to stop; and not to stare
So I'm going to go past, I will not be delayed
Wait its a ......

.... toy, I was never afraid!

This poem was written as part of Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlocks Blog with the picture being the prompt.


Karen S. said...

But I think I am! Yikes, will you look at that scary eye! Great little boo-tiful story for Jenny today!

Judie said...

What a clever little piece of writing!

Jenny said...

You are brilliant!

This was such intensely clever writing. I like your twists!