Thursday, 18 October 2012

Va va voom

What I need is some va va voom
a shot of energy with extra time thrown in
do you think they sell it by the bottle
or is it a prescription I'd have to fill in?

I dream of four more hours
in every day of my life as a gift
some I would use for my work
but most used on the family shift

I would value each single minute
for at least the first few days
then I know it'd all be filled
and I'd be back to my old busy ways

So perhaps that va va voom
should be realism in my life
teaching me not to try everything
but to enjoying being mother and wife

This poem was written as part of Alphabe-Thursday at Jenny Matlock's Blog for the letter V.


Naperville Now said...

When our kids were little, I was too tired to think of asking for more va va voom in my day. Now that you bring it up, I say adding in 4 more hours and a bit of oomph sounds like a great plan.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy how fast time can go in a day. So much to do and then take time for yourself, too, to fill up the energy.

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Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Sign me up!

Sue said...

I guess we could all use a little bit of this...

Cute poem.


Lmkazmierczak said...

Enjoyed the prose...good addition for the letter V♫♪

storybeader said...

great poem. And very thoughtful! I think about having a few extra hours each day, but would I really like it? Hard to say... {:-D

Gail said...

Thanks for visiting At The Farm. I have a big imagination so go ahead order room service...if you dare. I'm teasing.

Have a wonderful evening.

Jenny said...

I'd like to order me a double dose of that.


What a cute use of the letter "V".

Thanks for the smile!