Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The pain of loss #babyloss

One day I realised

when I stopped real late
That I woke with yet
another headache

It won't go away
won't leave me alone
it's the pain of loss
of being left alone

My head it pounds
my heart it breaks
This physical body
bends with emotional aches

I miss you baby
Every single day
The pain of loss
Doesn't go away

This poem was written to mark Babyloss Awareness Week 2012 and is part of the #100wcgu at Julia's Place for the prompt:

…. I woke with another headache …..

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely but sad poem- hugs hun x

Anonymous said...

Well written and sad poem.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. So many children are taken too soon, it's so sad to think of.

Anonymous said...

And I doubt pain like this ever goes away. It may bury itself under the rest of the world, or even be supplanted by another little one later in life and all those joys, but there will always be this.

Very sad and heavy, but beautiful still.