Thursday, 11 October 2012

It only takes #onemum

Clare at Seasider in the City has asked the #onemums community partners to join in with her meme "it only takes #onemum".  She has blessed us with simple instructions for the challenge and I've enjoyed putting together my post.

In an acronym style…take the letters of ONEMums and create phrases or just words that sum up being a mum for you.  You can be as serious or witty as you like. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you add the link to sign up for ONE to your post and then add yourself to the linky. Spread the word and encourage others to join in.

This is what being a mum means to me:
Overjoyed to be needed and loved  
Nearly always learning as I go  
Extremely busy at Every moment  
Making craft projects out of all sorts of bits and bobs  
Unexpectedly chilled at the mess in the house  
Moved to tears by every cuddle and "I love you mummy"  
So in love with my little girl    

If you've enjoyed this then how about having a go yourself.  Or at the very least, sign the #one campaign to tackle extreme poverty.

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