Thursday, 11 October 2012

Saying Goodbye

This poem was written for the letter S as part of the A to Z of Babyloss.

Families whose babies have died
Need a chance to remember and cry
Now, at last, there will be a place
For them to come and say goodbye

At Cathedrals around the UK
Services are accessible for all
With music and readings and love
You can stand together or let yourself fall

At each service there's a symbolic act
A mark of remembrance with the use of bells
It's not so much about letting them go
But about helping us all to feel well

Don't hesitate, find a service near you
Come along and look to the sky
Together we'll stand side by side
And to our babies we'll say goodbye

I am proud to be a Saying Goodbye Champion and to recommend these services to you whatever your faith or belief. For more information visit their website Saying Goodbye.

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