Wednesday, 10 October 2012

One Conker All Alone

The book of Rachel's baby and toddler years which will stay with me forever and always bring a smile to my face is Hippos Go Berserk! by Sandra Boynton.  Yesterday I had the idea of writing a poem about conkers in the same style and Rachel adores the outcome; I hope Sandra would appreciate the homage to her incredible writing.

One Conker all alone

Calls two conkers to come below
Three conkers on the floor
Calls down another four
Five conkers come still dressed
Six conkers bring a squirrel guest
Seven conkers go off in a sack
Eight conkers are put in a mac
Nine conkers expect to work
All the conkers go berserk

All through the autumn night
The wind blows with great delight
But at the foggy break of day
The conkers all just go away

Nine conkers go with a kicking
Eight conkers stay where they're sitting
Seven conkers roll in the dirt
Six conkers are badly hurt
Five conkers go on a string
Four conkers fly away on the wing
Three conkers go under a wheel
Two conkers are swapped in a deal
One conker alone once more
Grows up amazingly tall.


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I bet Sandra Boynton would love this

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I would love to hear you read this, do you have a you tube channel?

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