Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is this blog a Christian Blog?

I try not to pay much attention to the ratings and the rankings and the lists and the hubbub which surrounds the blogging communities congratulating and marketing themselves. It's not that I'm anti the lists or awards, I've been shortlisted for a number of them and been thrilled to be included. It's that they make me focus more on the popularity of my blog than on the mission of my blog; and the mission of my blog is what really matters.

Before I go any further let me just clarify that I know that mission is a big word for my blogging but I believe it to be correct; let's look at the definition.


1. An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.

2. A group of people taking part in such an assignment.

I am called by God as an LLM with a ministry of preaching, teaching and pastoral care. I am called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, to care for the world and the people within it and to share my life as a Christian with those I meet. My blog is very much a part of this and it has a mission to do the same ministry.

Over the last few weeks there has been a glut of Top 100/200/500 Christian blog lists and finalists announced for christian blog awards. These have spurned additional lists and endless comments and blog posts about it (yes, I know I'm adding to that number right now as I type). I have stayed well clear until today when I thought I'd see where LLM Calling might be in any of these lists; and this is when I was shocked to see that in some of these lists LLM Calling isn't even mentioned. I am very happy to realise that my blog is not in the most popular lists, but I was very surprised that it wasn't even listed as a Christian Blog, so I did a bit of digging and thinking.

Why is that?

The most popular definition of "Christian Blog" is a blog which writes on christian and/or church issues.
Yes, I do that; there are bible reflections every day, prayers pretty regularly, details of children's ministry and sermons all the time and lots of other christian and church inputs.

There are however a lot of wider issues which I blog about, which are very much a part of my ministry both off and online. I blog about motherhood, bereavement and mental health; I write poetry to express myself about life, the universe and everything. I like to write and I write about what I like. Most christian blogs don't do this; they focus entirely on "christian" issues. But I believe that is why those blogs don't get widely read outside of christian or theological circles; they are not meeting people where they are.

Mission is about meeting people where they are; that's what the travel element of the definition is all about. Jesus did not spend time the majority of his time in synagogues or alone with those who were in his inner circle; Jesus went out into the world and met people where they were. Christian Blogs should be doing the same.

My blog does that, it shares what it's like to be a christian in the real world, it connects with real people and shows how faith is front and centre in my life.

This blog IS a christian blog;
I just think the definition of what a christian blog is needs to be expanded to include:
"Any christian who blogs and makes mention of their faith."

What do you think?


Greenpatches said...

Agreed! I can't be doing with all this "Christian/Non-Christian" labelling. Emma, as I read your post, Buechner's definition of vocation as being "the place where your deep gladness meets the word's deep need," came into my mind. You're doing just that as you share your world with us all. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

You're a Christian and you blog - here-to-fore it is a Christian blog!
There you go LOL
It's a funny ol' world we blog in. Mine is similar in that I do talk about Christian issues but sometimes I write poems too - but mine are nonsensical nonsense. :D
I think the 200 hundred Christian blogs list was started with the best of intentions... but I'm on it so I'm totally biased here LOL AND I'm in the Republic of Ireland... but I'm only on it cos I waved at the guy and said... "what about mine? No shame!!!
I know.. I know... I've already said sorry to God :D
Really looking forward to following your blog Emma
God bless the work! x

Roger Wright said...

Is your question 'Is this a Christian blog' or 'Is this a christian blog' ?
I believe, having read many times your posts, that yours is both, but I have seen examples of blogs that are one or t'other.
Christian certainly has the Christ at the heart of everything that is written, IMO, on a blog; christian has the principles derived from the life of the Christ in what it espouses.

Some Christian blogs I have read have hardly merited the name; sure, they mention Jesus a lot, but are judgemental, arrogant and condemning in their words. Some are worthy blogs which deal with bible study, or tools to help you study, or have inspiring Jesus-centred messages.

There again, I read some which hardly ever mention Jesus - if at all - yet the care, gentleness and compassion all point to the qualities of Jesus; such are christian blogs.

Yours tells us at the outset that Jesus is central, IMO. It's charm lies in the fact that there are caring articles about problems which people face, which do not preach; and also articles and links which feature our Lord in an overt manner. And not forgetting the photos!

I wouldn't worry about rankings - although they can increase traffic - because, with such a Christian blog as this, it is obvious that God's hand is upon it and efforts you make to promote it. I believe in a God that can affect things in human existence.

It is a Christian blog with christian content.
I don't think you need worry about that.

May God bless you with his peace!

Emma Major said...

I can't tell you how touched I am by your comments, thanks so much. It is lovely to hear that people like what I write and share.

I was thinking last night about the fact that our blogs will live on well beyond our calling home to God. I'd never really thought about that before and it's amazing to know that this part of my ministry will live on.