Sunday, 21 October 2012

Make a hedgehog and bug house

At people prayer and potatoes at St Nicolas Earley today we looked at how we wait and how we can be patient in that waiting.  We made all sorts of crafts to help us think about patience and we undertook a big group project in the church garden - we made a hedgehog and bug house.

To help the kids make the hedgehog and bug house I provided the following materials:
- bricks
- off cuts of wood of various sizes
- 2 squares of outdoor grade board
- old pipes
- old plastic plant pots
- dry sticks and twigs
- a garden full of autumn leaves and sticks

Apart from laying out the base bricks, placing the first square of board on top and putting the pipes and pots on top of that board I left it to the kids.  They enthusiastically placed leaves, sticks and lots of off-cuts of wood onto the platform to keep the pots and pipes in place.   They then put the last square of wood on top, before making a ramp for the hedgehog and lots of camouflage to keep them safe and to encourage bugs to nest for the winter.

I am so impressed by their enthusiasm, team work and passion to care for the animals in church garden and hope animals enjoy their winter hotel.

I'd also encourage anyone to give making their own hedgehog and bug house a go.

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