Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween and all souls lights

This is our pumpkin of 2012
Sitting proudly on the shelf
Letting all know that we are here
Ready with sweets and much good cheer

There's a face which smiles with light and joy
A heart and cross show what we enjoy
And an R engraved upon the side
Denotes the designers obvious pride

So please come up and knock the door
We'll answer until there are sweets no more
Admire your costumes and gasp in fight
When we're tired we'll blow out the light

Tomorrow we'll light more candles galore
And pray for those with us no more
That's why tonight is all about fear
Fear of what it's like when we leave here

Do not be scared, please know that all
Are gone away, but having a ball
In heaven, life's worries are gone away
And in God's arms are where they stay

Our pumpkin shows our joy tonight
Our candles tomorrow share our plight
Life is a mix of joy and sorrow
We share both today and tomorrow

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