Sunday, 22 November 2020

Hello Dear Christmas


Hello Dear Christmas

I hope you are well

Advent's approaching

Then after we'll dwell

In your season of giving

Of joy, peace and love

Through Jesus born baby

Your gift from above

Yet listening to leaders

They seem so confused

They say you'll be cancelled

Unless lockdown they snooze

Why don't they realise

That the gift you will bring

Is greater than presents

Or wide travelling

You're a gift of God's presence

Much needed this year

Light in the darkness

Hope in our fear

This year you'll be different

In a myriad of ways

Bless us dear Jesus

Through all of our days


 #sundaypromptchallenge was to "Write an epistolary poem to your favourite festival."  This is a letter form poem and at this time of year, it can only be... Christmas.  Especially when there is so much talk of "cancelling Christmas".  I hope you enjoy my letter to Christmas.


 #Jesus #joy #hope #love #peace #lightoftheworld #family #covid19 #shieldthevulnerable #loveyourneighbour

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