Thursday, 4 October 2012

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day

A day when we celebrate words
Remembering poets from years gone by
About hurricanes, people and birds

Today I thought I’d share a few
Of the poems I’ve loved for years
Some I’ve known most all my life
Others that move me to tears

The first I remember is a train one
Taking the post with packages and presents
Then there’s the one about Daddy
And the duck pond and other events

A A Milne is a favourite
With poems of kids and their games
Then there’s the Jabberwocky nonsense
Then Macavity and other cats by many names

I’ve always loved the limericks
Fun and short and clever
But love poems are also beautiful
Their meanings carrying on forever

You might have noticed by now
That I love to write them as much as they do
I’d advise you to have a go yourself
You never know who you might connect to

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Kate Ladd said...

Wow very cool am super impressed :-) I wrote my own too:
Great blog xx