Sunday, 10 March 2013

At the crossroads

I'm standing at the crossroads
No idea which way to go
Both ways seem quite scary
But I can't go back, oh no

Which option do I choose?
Which way do I roam?
Over here is ordinary
But there is so unknown

If only there was a guidebook
A guarantee of what comes next
Then the choices would be easy
I'd know where to direct my steps

Instead I'll have to take risk
Unsure of what's to be done
I'll take the route that feels most right
And deal with whatever comes


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Robyn Greenhouse said...

I wish there was a guidebook sometimes too!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Sometimes the choice between staying with what is known and comfortable and the possibilities that await in the unknown is so hard, we have to choose carefully, and then learn to work with our choice! This was very nicely written!

gsb said...

nice rhythm and I guess we all have had to make choices like that...If we knew the final outcome, it would no longer be a choice but a slam dunk...