Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haru Higan (Spring Equinox)

Visiting graves
Tending flowers with love
Paying respects


Observing garden
Desperately waiting for buds
Spring gone missing


Turning point
End of winter's pain


Linked up at carpe diem.
The daffodils are from mothers day, our garden ones aren't flowering yet.


Anonymous said...

A nice set capturing many aspects of the prompt. Thank you for sharing with us all :)

Sara McNulty said...

Beautiful haiku. I love `spring gone missing.'

Brudberg said...

That last apparently is worthy of Issa. Very good

Margaret said...

spring gone missing

is a great way to describe the feelings of winter or even a past life... Haikus are tricky and you did a nice job

Kay L. Davies said...

Still waiting for daffodils here, Emma, and will be waiting for a while yet, but your photo is lovely, and your haiku speak for many of us..."spring gone missing"!

McGuffy Ann said...

Beautifully done! Thank you!