Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My one big mistake

I made but one mistake in life
To be careful with my hugs


It was early in my life
That I learned to protect myself
To not let anyone close
I'd just let them see enough

I kept them at arms length
Never close enough to know
All that was inside me
Or where sometimes I would go

I'd shake hands or wave hello
Hugs were for others to share
I'd watch them and wonder why
They'd be so close without a care

That pattern was soon entrenched
A mistake I held onto tight
Although I didn't know it then
In the long and lonely nights

In being so over careful
I never allowed love in
Those hugs were gifts to enjoy
Not something threatening


Three word Wednesday provided mistake, hug and careful.  The first two line poem came to mind immediately but I decided it was cheating to write something so short, so I went away and produced the rest.


Sara x said...

Beautiful but also true for me x

Sheilagh Lee said...

sometimes its hard to let those hugs in.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Some of these things are generational too - I rarely was touched or held by my parents. It definitely had an effect on me. I can see from your closeness with your daughter that you have overcome the legacy! Yay! My kids helped me that way too.

jaerose said...

It is hard when keeping people out is more entrenched than letting them in..beautifully written..