Saturday, 30 March 2013

He is risen

Three days ago
He died on the cross
We did nothing
Just stood and watched
In those days
We've cried and wept
For what we've lost
And all our regrets

And now, today
On visiting the tomb
Mary found
An empty room
Jesus gone
Who took him away?
Mary left
She couldn't stay

As she left
A man she saw
Spoke to her
Told her all
"He is risen"
This she says
That man was Jesus
It was him she met

Jesus died
This we knew
But now he's back
For me and you
Today is joy
For one and all
Mankind is saved
For ever more


This poem came about in prayer this evening as I was pondering that first Easter day as a disciple.


Susie Clevenger said...

The beauty of faith

Kay L. Davies said...

"We did nothing
Just stood and watched"

I remember wondering, when I was young, why they "just stood and watched" and what would have happened if the people who loved him had tried to save him. And if they all died, trying to save him, who would be left to find the empty tomb.


Other Mary said...

Happy Easter season to you. Lovely retelling of the Passion and Resurrection.

Kateri said...

Truely he is risen.

Jim said...

Nice rendition, Emma. That was our SS lesson Sunday also. We had Dr. G, a retired missionary and college profeessor teach it in a way I hadn't heard before. His lesson made Matthew 28 come alive as your poem has here.