Saturday, 9 March 2013


A baby is born
The light of your life
You're allowed to take her home
Just make sure you get it right

That might be a problem
If you're not sure what to do
If you can't find the manual
Or instructions of what to do

Don't worry about it
It's instinctual you know
Just do what comes naturally
And be confident as you go

If you get lost
Don't panic or call
Everyone's trying
To get by, that's all.


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Leovi said...

Evocation interesting poetic about motherhood, I like.

Josie Two Shoes said...

How much easier it would be if babies did come with instruction manuals, but then again, no one ever seems to read them until they are already in a mess! I believe that nurturing is instinctive and anything to the contrary has been learned thru experiences that were not good. We never do it perfectly, but if there is enough love and guidance, in the end they will be ok. This was a lovely poem about the uncertainties of parenting, it's never easy!

oldegg said...

Many years ago this was the attitude where mothering skills were assumed to be inbred or at least picked up from an extended family. Luckily there are some support services are available in many communities now, let's hope new mothers find out about these resources.

keiths ramblings said...

WE men tend not to read manuals anyway, so Dads do it by guesswork!

Chris D said...

What a sweet little poem, given by someone with past experience. I think every new mother needs loving words to reassure them.

Thank you for sharing this!

Bo said...

I would have loved for them to give me a manual! But, I figured it out! Great post.

gsb said...

they can write a million manuals but it will always revert back to a mother's instincs

alan1704 said...

Just do what comes naturally
And be confident as you go

Sounds like good advice for life. I like it

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Oh man, I remember checking under her nose with a mirror to make sure she was breathing. And I managed not to break or damage her! Thanks for this reminder about the good old days, Emma. Amy

totomai said...

mother's instincts are always correct...

mindlovemisery said...

I wish children came with a translator because sometimes I can't even wrap my mind around what it is my daughter wants. This is a very sweet and comforting poem =) I do agree that we should follow our heart and instincts a little more because sometimes the brain just over complicates!