Saturday, 9 March 2013

Shapes all around

A square becomes a cube
When it's pulled another direction
A circle is a sphere
A shape of pure perfection

A rectangle is a cuboid
According to my daughter
And a triangle is a pyramid
Source of some researcher's torture

Shapes are all around us
Part of the universe's fate
Be they microscopic or magnificent
Enjoy all their different states


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Mrsupole said...

Hi Emma,

I like how you connected all the shapes in this poem I guess I never put much thought into how we take shapes and then turn it into something. I think I will be spending today thinking about what shape something began with. I know that in art work many artists do that, they draw with shapes and then connect them together to form the object in the picture. A very disciplined process I am sure.

Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks ThemeThursday. Hope you have been having a great weekend surrounded by many shapely things.

God bless.