Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One million Syrian refugees @tearfund

What a number
Nothing to celebrate
Too many people
With an uncertain fate

One million people
Men, women, children
Left their homes
Taken nothing with them

Their country in turmoil
Driven from their homes
Left Syria behind
Now Jordan's where they roam

No water
No heating
No food
No medical care
No money
No security
No hope
Does anyone care?

Situation getting worse
Each and every day
You can make a difference
There is an easy way

Pray for all these people
That their country comes to peace
That they find somewhere to live
And each day have enough to eat

Give money if you can
To aid agencies on the ground
Tearfund needs your help
They'll fairly share it around

I can't believe one million
People have no home
We need to act to help them
I'm off now to pick up the phone


This poem is written in response to the horrific news that the Syrian refugee crisis has developed much quicker than expected.  Three months before it was anticipated there are one million registered refugees according to the UNHCR. 

Please help in any way you can:
Give online
Give by phone 0845 355 8355
Share this poem online
Tell your friends about the crisis

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