Friday, 1 March 2013

Give democracy a nudge

Have you ever wanted
To make a real difference
For others in the world
Who don't have such a presence?

In fact, have you ever felt
That you don't have any power
Feeling too inconsequential
To be heard any louder?

Now you need not worry
There's a way to make a change
With one nudge of your finger
Balance can be arranged

Tearfund made this happen
Gave a line to democracy
From the palm of your hand
You can nudge your MP

Tell them you want change
For the underprivileged
Send them your instructions
To vote for others' interests

Then, from your smart phone
Tell your friends what you have done
On Facebook and on Twitter
Ask them to join the fun

Now I'm going to finish
So go download the app
Nudge the politicians
This is where the world is at.


Try out the Nudge app for yourself at:  and tweet it: @TFCampaigns


Poet Laundry said...

A well conveyed message Emma!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Interesting. I hadnt heard of the tearfund before. Thanks for spreading the word.

Mary said...

Persuasively written. You definitely made good points. We can make changes if we work with one another to do so.

Jessica Lynn Lang said...

Wonderful write for an awesome cause.