Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life's boxes

I'm making boxes
Now and all day long
Endless boxes
Made to be strong

Every day I wonder
What I hide inside
The boxes within me
Kept out of sight

There are boxes of hopes
Dreams I can not voice
Boxes of heart ache
Not through my own choice

Boxes bulging at the seams
Full of life's torments
Boxes made to hold it all
Selected for their strength

As I stand here making boxes
I shuffle through my own
Hoping one day I'll make a nice one
I can put on a shelf in my home


Inspired by and linked up at Sepia Saturday.


Little Nell said...

I like the idea of boxes of hope and boxes of heartache.

Alex Daw said...

I've just finished reading Elizabeth Harrower's The Watchtower and one of the characters works in a box factory....which I only just realise now is a metaphor for her life....being boxed in. Thanks for revealing that to me.