Thursday, 28 March 2013

Maundy Thursday

Today is the Maundy
The day to remember
Jesus and his disciples
Sharing the last supper

Before they shared bread
Or drank wine together
Jesus washed all their feet
He cleansed them forever

Peter reacted
With pure constination
"You can't wash my feet
I am YOUR servant"

But Jesus insisted
"This I do for you"
Accept what I offer
Then do to others anew

When all feet were washed
The last meal was shared
Jesus spoke of his death
But they were not prepared

Today in our churches
Thru action we remember
The commandment of Jesus
To love one another


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Mama Zen said...

The greatest commandment!

Kim Nelson said...

Love One Another... it's all we really need to know.

gautami tripathy said...

Such beautiful writing...Loved it.....

inside that bowl, I see the whole world