Monday, 18 March 2013

Onitsura's Valley Stream

Trickling slowly
Washing pebbles clean and bright
Shower for minnows


Flowing gently
Polishing stones shiny
Salmon egg nest site


Raging violently
Throwing rocks against each other
Fish obstacle course


Linked up at carpe diem.
When I was writing these haiku I kept getting images from the book "Salmon fishing in the Yemen".  The picture is from the film of the book.


Kristjaan Panneman said...

Awesome series of haiku Emma. Thank you for your daily effort to write and share haiku with our haiku community Carpe Diem.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I didn't know that minnows needed to shower! :)

Singing Stone

Anonymous said...

another great set.. i really liked the line Shower for minnows ^^

joanne said...

that valley stream is so busy - washing, polishing, babysitting, raging, throwing, etc....I love all the action..

Wabi Sabi said...

I can picture those minnows getting showered! nice images!


Brudberg said...

Wonderful set, and of course fish enjoy a fresh water stream to shower in.

Rick.Daddario said...

aloha Emma - i like the shiny stones image. that has always attracted me to the rocks in streams. cool. aloha.