Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hear me scream

What's that sound
What do you hear?
It's someone in pain
Living with fear

She's the reason
I'm writing today
She's the reason
I'm screaming today

Women suffer
All around
In every society
Every town
Being hurt
By word or fist
Suffering all
And more than this

This month I'll scream
Many times more
Raising awareness
Until this is no more


March is the third annual poetry festival raising awareness and bringing about help for women who are in violent relationships.  If you're suffering violence please get help, no one need suffer.


Susie Clevenger said...

What a wonderful voice for all those who suffer!

Heaven said...

I will join you in the screaming and raising awareness ~

Mary said...

I have never had to live in fear, but I think it must be awful to have to do so. I scream to raise awareness as well.............

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful, Emma!

Kerry O'Connor said...

So many women's screams happen behind closed doors and no one knows about them. Thank you for taking up the cause.

Mixi said...

I'm standing right next to you as you scream! No more tolerance for violence against women!

Kim Nelson said...

And the voices, joined, create a cacophony that cannot be ignored. Excellent addition to that scream.

Chhavi Vatwani said...

Good one.

Margaret said...

Living with fear.... I can't imagine it, but I know so many do. We MUST change the stigma and make the men afraid to raise a fist!