Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fixer upper

It's a fixer upper
Needs a new body really
But if you look through the window
You can see fearsome potential

Reserves are limited
Outsiders will partly finance
But I've written to some debtors
Hoping they'll pay away

There'll be some painting sprees
If you want to get intimately acquainted
But once it's all completed
I'd love you to come be my joint user


Linked up at The Sunday Whirl where the words which inspired the poem were provided.


Mary said...

Ha, yes I would say this is a real fixer - upper you pictured! I'd say easier to start totally from scratch than to fix this particular place up. LOL.

Sabra Bowers said...

Great subject for a photo and for your poem. I think this is a fun post. Well done.

The Write Girl said...

Neat poem here and use of all the words. There is a beautiful home waiting to be discovered.

oldegg said...

It is a place you fall in love with because of the endless possibilities but will cause no end of heartbreak.

Jules said...

I watch a bunch of those home-fix-it shows...and for the right price and remember location, location, location you could have a gem in the making. Delightful wordle!

Thanks for your visit.

Stan Ski said...

I've lived in worse places...