Tuesday, 24 January 2012

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week #28

Rachel has decided to join in the 100 word challenge for under 16s and so I’m joining her by taking on the 100 word challenge for grown ups. I’m hoping that this will build Rachel’s confidence and my writing skill; if not I’m sure it’ll be fun trying.

This week Julia has given us the prompt

……. You bought her what …….

Here are my 100 words.

The aisles are heaving, the shelves fully stocked and the trolleys all in use. There is panic, complete chaos; but then what else do I expect on Christmas Eve afternoon. The required toy is no where to be seen, the second choice shelf gone.

What now? My wife is going to give me “that look” and I daren’t even think about my little girls face tomorrow morning.

But look at that shelf, those look interesting; those books with their amazing bright pictures and bold type. She would love one of those, I wonder what they are.
It’s a Bible, perfect!


jfb57 said...

Welcome to the 100WCGU! I'm so pleased that you are sharing the experience with Rachel. Your tweet about looking forward to the prompt tonight makes sense now!!

This piece is a picture that many parents will have found themselves in I'm sure. I'm relieved that a suitable gift was found.
Just a note about the prompt (I must make the rules clear!!) you should include the prompt as given unless told otherwise. Don't worry - you won't have to do lines! ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that phrase, "...the second choice shelf gone," and can just imagine the harried father. Hope you have fun with further prompts!

Lorely said...

That's an interesting one!

Emma Major said...

jfb57 - oohps, sorry for not following the rules carefully, there's a lesson in there. I'll do better next week.

snagglewordz - thanks, it's such fun and much harder than it looks

Lorely - and very real.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your story.
Loved the image of the 'second choice shelf gone'.
As a last minute, Christmas Eve shopper, my heart went out to him.

Anglers Rest said...

Welcome! A lovely story and great that you are sharing with Rachel.