Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mission of Homes and Hearts

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Where is Guatemala? It's in central America; that narrow strip of land between Mexico and South America.  It's small and poor and mountainous.

1990: Guatemalans need home, so a ministry group ran a mission project.   They built homes in deprived areas, established communities and provided access to healthcare.

The homes were built, families housed, schools made accessible, health cared for; and the hearts were built.  

built for each other, 
built for mission, 
built for their faith, 
built for the gospel, 
built their own churches,
built for even more people.

This is the joy of mission.
In the christian desire to help meet a need of people, lives are enriched and changed.  By the mission itself, but also profoundly by the faith and gospel that sparked that mission.

If ever there was doubt that mission was less Godly than worship or evangelism; this refutes it. 

Lord we thank you for showing us the needs, giving us the tools and allowing your love to be known.  Amen.

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