Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reflecting using Critical Incident Analysis

I have used this system for reflecting on events in my life and ministry.  It comes from Chadwick, C. and Tovey, P. (2005) Growing in Ministry – Using Critical Incident Analysis. Cambridge: Grove Books Limited. Grove Book P84

For each event or incident to be reflected upon:

1 – Describe the events that happened
2 – What were your feelings at the time?
3 – What were your immediate reactions and judgements?
4 – What does this remind you of in the Scriptures?
5 – What do you think God might be saying to you through this?
6 – What does it tell you about yourself?
                   your strengths and weaknesses
                   your values and assumptions that you live on
7 – What new learning might you need from this?
8 – What might you do differently next time?
9 – How do you look at the incident now?

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Alene said...

Great questions! Thanks for putting them out there.