Friday, 20 January 2012

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Day Three

Here are the questions posed by CTBI for Day Three of the week of prayer for christian unity, the subject is suffering.

1 In what ways does the church emphasise Christ’s triumph at the expense of his suffering?
I think this is often the case, but good holy week provision and lent courses really help us touch and feel the suffering of Jesus.  This has always helped me understand my own suffering more, allowed me to know how God has felt suffering and made the gift so much more real.

2 In what ways have you been enriched by your personal experience of suffering?
It is so hard to think about suffering providing enrichment but yes it has; it's been at these times when God has held my hand and heart and been alongside me the most.

3 Why is the Christian witness of those who suffer so persuasive
Because so few do so, we are not afraid of the suffering or the sufferers; we are called to be alongside and through that be the hands and feet of Christ for people in the world.

God of consolation, who changed suffering into a sign of victory, unite us round the cross of Jesus, who obtained salvation for us through his obedience. Show us how we can help those who suffer to experience your living presence, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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