Wednesday, 25 January 2012

5 Things about God I’d Tell My Younger Self

I often wonder what it is that I'd like to tell myself about if I could have a few minutes with me aged 12.  It's not to not try things or try harder or make less mistakes or wear different stuff or anything like that; it's all about not beating myself up so much, especially when it comes to God.  For starters here are 5 things about God I wish I'd known at age 12.

1. He loves you even when you try to forget He's there
He loves you more than anyone ever has or ever will; completely, unconditionally, always.  When you turn your back on Him and pretend not to have any idea who He is, He will still be sending His love to you and be watching your back.

2. He really truly does forgive you when you make mistakes, even the crazy big ones
He knows everything about you and it never scares Him off.  He can see inside your soul and still chooses to love you.  He knows what you have done and will do and He is alongside you whispering His forgiveness into your heart, you just need to hear it.

3. He is just waiting for you to come back to Him, and when you do He'll throw a party
Yes, really.  He won't need an apology or want you to sit a test or require you to change; He'll just open His arms wide and celebrate that you've come back to Him.  He's waiting and He'll wait forever, nothing will ever change His love of you.

4. He is actually pleased that you're thinking it through
God is sad that you're sad about faith and church and life, but He is so proud of you for breaking away from acceptance.  He is pleased that you're exploring yourself and what's important to you.  He wants you to choose to love Him and He's happy to wait whilst that happens.

5. He will talk to you in the future and you won't be insane when it happens
God will be heard in your head, as if He is in the same room as you.  You won't be insane, you won't be delusional, you will just be ready to hear Him.  And when that happens you will be so surprised to hear what He wants you to do, just wait, it is an amazing day.

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Nicole @MTDLBlog said...

I love your spin on this. Love it. Such a great message to leave for your daughter. :-)