Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Day Seven

Here are the questions posed by CTBI for Day Seven of the week of prayer for christian unity, the subject is feeding.

1. What are the signs for us today of ‘the Lord for whom we have waited’?
Peace inside ourselves, the ability to see clearly, the healing of old wounds. We wait to meet God, even if we don't know it; and when we find Him it's like coming home.

2. What is your personal experience of the Lord ‘preparing a table before you’?
I feel that God has held me through so many life experiences that nearly broke me, and the fact that he was always there meant that when I was ready I just had to sit down with Him. He was always ready, he waited for me.

3. Why do you think Jesus chose food and drink with which to remember him?
I've always thought of it as being sustenance. He feeds us spiritually and show us this through feeding our bodies.

Generous God, whose fruitful earth sustains us, and who, in your mysteries, offers us a foretaste of the heavenly banquet, strengthen us to support one another in life’s journey that, by working together to transform society through love and service, we may bring in your kingdom, through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.


Alene said...

What a lovely post and great questions. Having a meal together always invites relationship and time together. He is our daily bread and our living water.

I hope you'll stop by SFTOT today and give a shout out to my homeless friend who is posting.

Blessings today!

Emma Major said...

I'm heading right there now, been doing a communion service this morning so all a bit behind.