Friday, 27 January 2012

Faith isn't being extinguished here

The Pope has today said "Across vast areas of the earth, faith runs the danger of extinguishing like a flame that runs out of fuel,"

I am again left feeling like I'm living in a parallel universe to so many other people.  Not just in a parallel universe to the Pope, that would of course be true in so many ways; but also from others in the UK and even in the same county.

Here in Earley, east of Reading, we have a thriving multi-faith community.  Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Aestheists and everyone else live together happily.  I think that living in a multi faith community helps us all, we have similar values and morals and our children are brought up respecting each others' similarities and differences.  Our churches are busy and have loads going on from services to youth groups, community support systems and school work projects.  We have people who love their community and their faith and love to share one with the other; this means things grow and grow.

We are lucky, I know that; in fact I've been left feeling extremely lucky after a twitter conversation with a lovely priest from a not so positive part of the country.  But alongside this luck, wel there's hard work, vision and an ability to cease opportunities where they occur.

Even if this good news is only in pockets, I know beyond any doubt that faith is at no risk of extinction.  God will find a way.  Faith will thrive in peoples' hearts.
Do not fear Pope; we're alive and kicking!

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