Monday, 30 January 2012

The mp3 shuffle

I've seen loads of bloggers doing the mp3 shuffle game and this morning, whilst finding it hard to decide what music to listen to during some church planning, I decided to play the game myself. Here are the first ten tracks that my mp3 player provided; I'm not sure what they say about me, all comments welcome.

1. Nirvana - Lithium

2. Jesus Christ is the way - Walter Hawkins

3. Christ in me - Lou Fellingham

4. Flying without wings - Westlife

5. Oh happy day - the power of gospel

6. Old before I die - Robbie Williams

7. Waterloo - Abba

8. Paradise - Coldplay

9. Here I am Lord - Prom Praise

10. Reach for the stars - S Club 7

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