Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The dead hold no grudges


This afternoon we did an REinspired session on Death, Funerals and the Christian Response for the year 6 children at a local primary school. I love this session, it's so gentle and deep and important; it's something every adult could do with experiencing, there's a lot to learn from these resources, thoughts and discussions. Two things struck me at the session today, the first is already posted; the second I'll share now.

I was asked by a child:
"will my grandfather still be cross with me after our argument before they died?"

I have never been asked this before, I can't say I've even thought about it before, but I was very clear in my response.....

Absolutely not.  When someone dies they go to heaven, a place of happiness of love.  When they arrive there all their pain and worries are taken away and they immediately drop any sadness or anger they might have had.  Those who have died love us as they always did, nothing can change that.

I honestly think these words were God given, they were words of comfort as neede; but more than that they are a truth I have had a hard time accepting myself.  What a blessing to receive.

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