Thursday, 19 January 2012

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Day Two

Here are the questions posed by CTBI for Day Two of the week of prayer for christian unity; the subject is waiting.

1 What in your church are you waiting for?
I am waiting for more people who want to really make a difference in the community; I know it will happen one day and I just have to wait for others to know the same.

2 What in your church are you impatient about?
Change; it seems to take an age and I'm not good at planning forever.

3 Is ‘patient waiting’ something that we readily embrace or are we anxious to get things done?
I am not good at waiting, definitely not at patiently waiting, others are; we need the both in our churches and communities and to understand each other.

God of hope, you are patient with your Church, and with me. Maybe I too will wait - disconcerting though this may be - and risk the change, and the pain, that may come as I wait to be free and released into your unity.  Amen.

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