Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How I choose blog post subjects

I'm often asked how I select subjects for blog posts and today the Faithful Bloggers prompt is on exactly this subject so here goes..... These are some of the ways I choose what to blog about.

1. Prayer
I get all sorts of ideas for blogging through prayer; ideas for posts, series, responses to others. I write them down and keep them for when they feel right to write about. I'd say my current list of God given ideas is well over 100 long.

2. News stories
I am interested in current events and use google alerts to keep up to date with specific areas of reporting that don't hit the front pages. Sometimes news stories give me ideas but mostly I feel moved to respond to bad news or bad reporting or something which pushes my buttons.

3. Questions from people
If someone asks me a question about my life, experiences or faith then I try to answer it straight away; but me being me I tend to revisit the conversation many times in my head. One of the great things about blogging is that I can now ponder and make a more considered response in written form. This had helped me understand myself and my faith even better.

4. Sermons
I love reading people's sermons and in guessing other people do to, so if I've written anything down in detail I share it on the blog. It's also a great way of keeping them safe, better than my filing systems anyway.

5. Ministry Experience
This was my primary reason for starting the blog, I felt that the training and provision of Kay ministry was lacking in the blogosphere. Funnily enough though I tend to find this the less easy or interesting part of my blogging.

6. Other blogs
I enjoy reading blogs and will sometimes respond or link up or get follow on ideas; it's pretty much the same as the news but with a community and more interaction.

That's where my ideas come from, if youre a blogger I'd love to know yours.

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