Monday, 23 January 2012

My top 5 blogging rules

Kate Takes 5 Listography has asked for our Top 5 Tips that we've learned so far whilst blogging.  I don't think I have learned much that would be of interest of use to anyone else.   I have however learned a lot that has helped me be clear about why and what I blog.

1. Only write when you're inspired
I have learned that some days I have massive inspiration and will write a dozen blog posts, other days nothing will come to mind and the blog might be quiet.  I don't worry about this any more; I just write when the inspiration arrives; and guess what, now I don't worry I'm constantly inspired.

2. Speak from the heart
My blog is about me, about my thoughts and passions and what matters to me.  I write as I talk, I use the words I would in conversation and I never tweak what I write.  This keeps it real and valid and appropriate for the time it was written, a record of what was in my heart and mind to look back on.  I don't worry about what people will think about my thoughts, they're mine and I only share them if I want to.  It's a form of therapy if you want to know.  However I always keep point 4 in mind!

3. Never obsess over reader numbers
It is so easy to start worrying about how many visitors you have and how many unique page views and comments and whether the stats are rising or falling.  I got caught in that trap about a year ago and after a month of craziness decided to stop worrying about it.  I know that currently I have about 500 people reading my blog each day; it ensures I stay real, but that's bound to go up or down and that's OK. 

4. Remember that it will exist forever
This blog will probably be available in the virtual world for all time, or all of my life anyway.  It can not be ripped up and destroyed or hidden away in a hole in the ground.  What I write here will be accessible to Rachel and possibly her children and I like to remember that when I write.  I also avoid issues which would hurt those who I love, this is therapy but it's not at the expense of others.

5. Have fun
Blogging started as a hobby and has only subsequently become a part of my ministry.  I love it, absolutely love the thinking and writing and debating; it's fun.  I hope it might also be useful and bring interest and love and support to others; but I'm afraid my main focus is that it's relaxing.  Anything else is God's doing and I thank Him for that.

There they are, the top 5 rules I follow in my blogging; apart from these pretty much anything goes.


Karen said...

I print my blog and have it filed. I intend to photocopy it for each of my kids when they're older :-)

Karen said...

I've printed my blog off and filed it. I intend to have it photocopied for each of the children when they're older :-)

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