Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Talking about Missions

Rachel has been aware of places in the world which are in need due to disasters for the last couple of years.  I will tell her about what is happening, show her pictures of what is happening (if they are appropriate) and we will talk about how we might be able to help.  Sometimes she will suggest sending some money.  Other times she will ask if she can write a letter to a child there or ask to pray for them.  Whatever she asks, that is what we do.  It helps that as a church we engage with worldwide events and pray for them every week.

This year however the idea of mission has become very real for Rachel.  In July I am going to Zambia with 9 others from church (here) and Rachel will remain at home.  We have spent the last year mulling over whether I should go or not and it was Rachel telling me that I should go to see the children that helped me make the final commitment.  Every day she asks me something else about the trip and everyday I try to answer her.

How do I teach my child about missions? 
I live it with her and I will do before I go, whilst I'm there and when I get back until she's old enough to come with me.

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