Sunday, 22 January 2012

Praying for Syria

Im sure we've all been watching and reading the news about Syria and the unrest and violence which is throughout the land. The politics are complex, the background long, the differences broad and the similarities hard to find. The situation is difficult and a future hard to foretell.

Amidst the politics and fighting there are so many people to pray for;
- the leaders to see a way through together
- the fighters to lay down arms
- the ordinary people to keep faith that this will be resolved
- the children to know this is not their future
- the mothers to show how strength can be love not war
- the religions to show tolerance and understanding

There is bloodshed throughout, between Muslim sects, political groups and Christians; instability breeds fear breeds hatred breeds death.

Let us of all faiths pray that peace is found in Syria, that the people find a way forward together. Amen.

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