Saturday, 21 January 2012

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Day Four

Here are the questions posed by CTBI for Day Four of the week of prayer for christian unity, the subject is struggling.

1. Have you struggled to believe at times? Are you struggling now?
Who hasn't struggled? I spent most of my teenage years struggling and then gave up struggling and completely turned away. It took time to turn back to God and even longer to turn back to church.

2. Why is Christian unity a struggle when God wants to give us this gift (Eph 4.3)?
I honestly think its about how we focus on our differences rather than our similarities; if we looked at what we believe and share then unity would be so much easier.

3. Do other Christians have a struggle to understand what is precious to you?
No, I don't think they do, because I explain it straight as it is for me. If more of us could do that I think unity would be easier.

Lord God, help us in our everyday struggle with adversity. May the Holy Spirit give us strength and wisdom so that, following you, we may overcome evil with good, and division with reconciliation. Amen.

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