Friday, 14 September 2012

Are you there God?

Where are you God?
I'm looking for you
I need your help
Am I in your view?

Normally you're chatty
Always on line
Have you gone on holiday?
Or run out of time?

Or is it all me?
Am I blocking you out?
I know you're there somewhere
But I'm hearing nowt

Please give me a sign
Show me I'll be alright
Hold my hand God
Please bring back your light


Jenny said...

Oh man.

I'm sending a hug and a prayer your way Miss Emma.

Jonell said...

Your Title caught my attention: I want to share a moment [s] in time when I basically asked that question. We had been praying for a special need/wish for a long time. Total 8yrs
I recall standing on the farmhouse porch and calling out into the distance[200 acre farm-no one else at home] and saying: "God I know you are there. I know you hear me. It just DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT. "
We began to pray every day this same prayer again and again :
"God I don't understand why you are not working in this. We don't understand what you are doing. But You are God, You are sovereign. You have that right. We submit to that..and ask you to honor that submission."
After 8 years God did answer that prayer- He did it in a way that No one could claim any credit. It was HIS."