Sunday, 30 September 2012

Is your glass half full?

Is your glass half full?
Or is it half empty?

Do you focus on the positive?
Do you fixate on the negative?

Which way do you see things?

I am a born and bred pessimist.
I see the half empty glass of water.
I don't see what's left as thirst quenching.
I tend to worry rather than expect the best.

But I've learned to ignore this first response.
I've trained myself to think positive.
I've learned to see opportunities.
I can see hope now.

In fact some people say I'm blindly optimistic now; how little they know about the debate in many head.  When I seize a challenge or propose an idea it is based on facts and analysis but when uncertainty is left, I air on the possibilities rather than the problems.

I might even go so far as to suggest that this glass has two great things about it; it's half full of water and half full of air.  What positivity.

Do I share this?
Because if I can do this then you can too.
Try thinking a little more hopefully about things; you never know, it might catch on.

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