Saturday, 22 September 2012

Experiments with volcanoes

Of course we didn't literally experiment with volcanoes, in fact there were no volcanoes involved at all, but we did have a lot of fun with a barbeque and a marshmallow which might be the best geological lesson we've had this week. 

When I say "we" I don't mean Rachel and I; this was an evening with two great friends reminiscing about Zambia.

If you'd like to actually do an experiment which I'm sure could result in learning about volcanoes here's what you'll need:
1. An almost cooled barbeque
2. A marshmallow
3. A few long sticks

The method is very simple; use the stick to place a marshmallow on the almost cooled barbeque and allow it to melt and burn.

The result, in our trial, was a close approximation to a volcanic rock including heat produced bubbles and high temperature induced melting.

I think I'm loosing my mind to write this post but I'll look back in years to come and it'll remind me of a great evening and that's worth any online humiliation.

Night all

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