Monday, 17 September 2012

Words words and more words

When I was one
I had just begun
To play with words
It was lots of fun

When I was two
There were loads I knew
Big and small
To talk to you

When I was four
I'd learned even more
Although .. Words can be puzzling
to describe what I saw

When I was thirteen
With words I was mean
I preferred to grunt
On talking I wasn't keen

When I was twenty five
Words inside came alive
With so much to say
To write I did strive

And now I 'm this age
Words go on every page
They're no longer confined
Their released from their cage.

This poem was written as part of Saturday Centus for the prompt <b>words can be puzzling</b>


Karen S. said...

What a wonderful source for our beloved words...and more words...are all we have...but oh they are so much more right!

Sue said...

Enjoyed your poem!


keithbizzell said...

Very good, I think it chronicles our relationship with words and language very well.

Jenny said...

This felt like a song to me.

I felt the melody, rhythm and poignancy in every word.

Really beautiful use of the prompt.

This is my favorite for the week!