Friday, 21 September 2012

Random beans and Really beautiful scenes

Here are a few short poems inspired by photos of objects beginning with R which fit perfectly with Alphabe-Thursday.

Rainbows are usually up in the sky
Occasionally touching earth
But mainly staying high
Then sometimes, rarely,
They'll suddenly appear
Where you never expect them to be

Red tomatoes
Tomatoes, we know, are always red
Somewhere on the spectrum
Yellow through orange to red
But these tomatoes we have grown
Are truly more red
Than any before we've known

Random beans
At school a broad bean was planted
Brought home in a cup with a towel
We watered it and gave it sunlight
Then planted outside with a trowel
After several months it was taller
And forwards turned into pods
Eventually we picked them
But the random beans inside were odd

Really beautiful scenes
Really beautiful scenes
Are something I see a lot
It's not that I'm lucky or travelled
I just value what I see and what I've got


VBR said...

raves for your poetry and pics of some pretty nifty produce. i love the looks of that yellow/red tomato. it reminds me of a little pair of pants!

Claudia Willison said...

I really like the very last line of your poetry :)

Saying 'hello' from my Riesling / Alphabe- Thursday @ ImagesByCW

Splendid Little Stars said...

How fun!
enjoyed all of it!
I got some tomatoes recently that were green--not green as in unripe, but ripe green tomatoes!

Jenny said...

What wonderful little gems for the letter R.

I like your imagery here.

I think the red tomato one might have been my very favorite!

Thank you for linking.