Friday, 21 September 2012

Patiently waiting

Do you like waiting?
I don't; I'm just not a very patient person.
I get excited about the good things and nervous about things I'm not looking forward to.  I get butterflies in my tummy and found myself really distracted.  Rachel is much better at waiting than I am; she can put things out of her mind and get distracted with something else.  I wish I had her patience.

This morning at school we were collecting conkers and I kept looking up into the tree at all the ones that are nearly ready, but not quite.  They are all hanging by the edge of their casings; waiting patiently for the right conditions.  It was an amazing sight.

As I watched those conkers I realised that they are a symbol of waiting patiently; that they show us how to wait. 

As we start to plan for advent in the church we will think about waiting, patiently or otherwise, and these conkers will inspire me.  They know just when the time is right. 

God knew just when the time was right for Jesus.  He knows what we need and when; perhaps we need to practice a bit more waiting patiently.

Patience patience

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