Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Look a little deeper at what's hidden beneath

Don't stop at what's presented
Please look a little deeper
At what's hidden beneath
And what might not be said

Look closely at this glass

Then tell me what you see
The lines may be distorted
But behind them what will they be

It's not always easy
There's often more going on
From pain and confusion
Or mistakes and feeling wrong

So what about this photo

It's dew upon the grass
But magnified like this
It's a reflection in a glass

I'm not just talking about me
It's true for most everyone
When we stop at the surface
We neglect to see beyond

Next I give you sand
Not what you'd expect
But this is what sand is
It's more complex than you get

So please look a little deeper
See beyond the veils in front
Accept what's hidden beneath
And love what you confront.

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