Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fizzing Forgiving

This is all dedicated to Julia; it's her inspiration which she's another me to share because she's as passionate about children's and youth work as I am.

What does it mean to be forgiven our trespasses?
How would you explain it?

When we make mistakes or feel angry with someone it's like we have a black mark on our heart.  It feels awfully dark and heavy.

When we say sorry and ask for forgiveness from God then we get relief from the sadness and guilt.  God forgives us and washes us clean; he removes any trace of what we did wrong and we can stop feeling guilty.

Here is a physical demonstration.
Fill a bowl with water.
Take a vitamin c effervescent tablet.
Write or draw on the tablet what you want forgiveness for.
Drop the tablet into the water.
Watch the words/picture disappear.
Watch the tablet fizzing away.
Know that those fizzy bubbles are you being forgiven.
Feel the joy of forgiveness.

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