Thursday, 13 December 2012

12:12 12/12/12

It's twelve minutes past twelve
I'm not counting the seconds
On Wednesday the 12th of December
In the year two thousand and twelve

It's the last recurring date
Of this 20th century
I doubt I'll see one again
Because I'll be 126

I had always planned
To record this special day
But suspected that my life
Would completely get in the way

But today in the UK
A big freeze covered us all
The world transformed into
A winter wonderland

So I took loads of photos
Of spider webs and trees
I visited the river Thames
And photographed the steam

It was completely magical
A day like I've never seen
It'll definitely stick in the mind
For all of my eternity


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1 comment:

Kim C. said...

I totally missed 12-12-12. It didn't occur to me to do anything special until it was too late. Love your frosty pictures.