Wednesday, 5 December 2012

St Nicolas Day

Tomorrow is St Nicolas day
Today is St Nicolas eve
A time to celebrate children
And the man who liked to give

St Nicolas was a bishop
Who in Greece did live his life
He died in the 4th century
After years of grief and strife

St Nicolas is a patron saint
Of churches all over the world
As well as sailors and merchants
Archers and pawnbrokers for gold

Students often adopt him
For he was wise beyond his years
But mostly the children love him
He's known for drying their tears

In mainland Europe tonight
Children will receive great gifts
From St Nicolas who's Sinterklass
We haven't adopted this

This saint protected children
It's right that he should be
The source of Father Christmas
Bringing joy to those in need


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the way facts were arranged into this poem, really good

Anonymous said...

we celebrate st Nicolas early in December when his day is and its a great way of explaining Christmas.