Thursday, 20 December 2012

A to Z of children's work: everyone

Everyone's invited
No matter who they are
Big, small
Short, tall
Come from near or far

Everyone's welcomed
We celebrate your choice
To play, hear
And learn
By listening to God's voice

Everyone's valued
For everything they'll be
Come in
Join us
Tell us what you see

Everyone's a disciple
All important to God
Believe it
Live it
Give yourself to God


Lmkazmierczak said...

Bear With Me...nice prose♫ HappyMerryChristmasHoliday♥

Sue said...

Nice poem! And a great message, too.


Jenny said...

What an extraordinary message you've shared here.

This was really, really touching!

Thank you!

Your shares are always excellent!

Sorry I'm so behind but I hope you're enjoying a good start to 2013!

Hugs and A+